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Alan Parker on Copywriting (D&AD)

By Mike Exon

Last year I was invited to interview the writer, director and former D&AD president Alan Parker about his formative years as an advertising copywriter and creative director, working alongside David Putnam.

My thanks to D&AD for the invitation to record this for their 50th anniversary, and for the final audio edit of my conversation with Alan, whose inspiring words speak for themselves.

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Design underinvests in its people

This article was published in Design Week’s supplement on Continuing Professional Development (May 6th), and can be downloaded from the DW website.

Does the design industry actually need to take training so seriously? After all, design studios are innovative and creative hothouses full of naturally inquisitive and adaptive people who never stop learning and thinking. Everything they do deepens their professional experience and quality of work. We learn on the job, that’s all there is to it.

This sounds like a nice theory but the fact is it doesn’t add up in practice. At the end of the day, all the evidence suggests design groups just aren’t doing enough to train their staff. In fact, design consultancies Continue reading

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