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Gill, Epstein, Gaudier at the RA


Wild Thing opens in the Sackler Galleries of the RA next week. First and foremost it’s a show about experimentation and sexual liberation represetnted in modern sculpture during the post-war period. But it’s also a revealing look into the lives and minds of three radicals who were much more than sculptors.

For design, the name of Gill conjures up type design, lettercutting, the Golden Cockerel Press, and the meta font Gills Sans. For those that have read their Fiona McCarthy, the scandal of Continue reading


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SHOWstudio installation casts models


Nick Knight’s impreseive SHOWstudio exhibition at Somerset House deserves serious attention in the (non fashion) design world. Knight has been coolly working with and encouraging the wide world to get involved in his photogrpahy, filming and web projects for the best part of ten years, way before user generated content was even an entry in the Oxford English Dictionary. According to the ShOWstudio site, over 400 casting entries have taken place using the installation at Somerset House, and the first lucky (male) models will soon be contacted for projects with Simon Foxton and Jason Evans.

There is a vast range of things to find on the SHOWstudio site, from Peter Saville’s Soft Furnishings to free pattern design downloads and photography. If you shoot yourself through the Liberty’s windows camera there’s cash for grabs too.

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